Mechanical Design and Technical Analysis

Introduction to Levine Innovations (in 59 seconds)

When you need someone who can dive into a project and hit the ground running, Levine Innovations is only a call away! We excel at projects that combine creative innovation with detail-oriented technical skills. Levine Innovations brings a wealth of knowledge, an extra measure of insight, and a cheerful enthusiasm to every project.


We can take your project from the initial stages of developing requirements through CAD design, prototyping, testing and production. Our services include:

Design and Development for New Products
  • Analyze your market, brand, users and technologies to develop a new product that owns its niche of the market.
  • Detailed design of parts and assemblies
  • Coordinate prototyping and manufacturing

Design and Development for Existing Products
  • Identify the underlying cause of product faults
  • Strategies for maintaining the product’s existing advantages through the redesign process
  • Apply existing technologies and designs to a new applications
  • Analysis of data from data acquisition (DAQ), experiments, sensors and computer logs
  • Energy efficiency and environmental impact
  • Data interpretation

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