Our Work
Product Design and Development

CAD drawings

  • Design of parts and assemblies
  • Focus on the people using the product, their needs and their assumptions
  • Shop drawings for manufacturing using CAD
  • Use of off-the-shelf components to lower costs and shorten time-to-market

Engineering specifications

  • Coordinate development with stakeholders to deliver a superior product on schedule and on budget
  • Analyze market, brand, users and technologies to develop a product that owns its niche of the market
  • Strengthening brand identity through product design
  • Apply existing technologies and designs to a new application

  • Analysis of data from data acquisition (DAQ), experiments, sensors and computer logs
  • Energy efficiency and environmental impact
  • Data interpretation

  • Custom prototypes designed with a focus on the people who use the product, their needs and their assumptions
  • Apply client's feedback before prototype is fabricated through preview images from CAD solid modeling
  • Coordinate fabrication of the prototype with fabricators using either rapid prototyping (SLA, SLS, FDM, etc.) or traditional (CNC, Injection Molding, thermoforming, sheet metal, etc.) techniques
  • Use prototypes and mock-ups to design the product

Concept sketches
  • Incremental, iterative brainstorming process which produces various options and refines those options based on the client's feedback
  • Interpret users' and salespeople's feedback for design purposes
  • Study the people who use the product, and design a product they will find intuitive, useful and valuable
  • Replace faulty designs while maintaining the existing product's advantages

Other services
  • Computer algorithm development and analysis
  • IT
  • Basic circuit design
  • Human factors for web services

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