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Levine Innovations LLC
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Brooklyn, NY 11225 USA

"[Yehoshua Levine’s] work was always first class, and he got along very well with the eight of us... [He] will take the initiative to solve a problem, provide a service, or perform any other task you set him, and he will do it with both competence and grace." -Fred M.

"From the very start, [Yehoshua Levine] demonstrated superior skills and abilities. He was highly self motivated, a very quick learner, mission oriented, a good team member, and prudently thorough in his research and analysis... I highly recommend Yehoshua." -Bob S.

"Yehoshua [Levine] is a very pleasant fellow with a can-do attitude. He is a quick learner who likes a good challenge. I highly recommend him." -Elie P.

About the principal

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

NASA/IAA Man in Space Symposium

Tau Beta Pi,
The Engineering Honor Society

National Space Club
Olin E. Teague Memorial Scholar

Golden Key International Honour Society