About the Principal

Yehoshua Levine is a graduate mechanical engineer and product designer. He excels at projects that combine creative innovation with detail-oriented technical skills. Since 1996, Yehoshua built a reputation for delivering the highest quality work with self initiative and the confidence to face any challenge. His can-do attitude is readily apparent. Indeed, Yehoshua brings a wealth of knowledge, an extra measure of insight, and a cheerful enthusiasm to every project.

Yehoshua began his career as an intern analyst for planning NASA's missions to Mars. Since then, he worked on projects for private companies, the US Air Force, and the DOD Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (now called the Ballistic Missile Agency). He also took an important role at a start-up when their first product was launching.

Yehoshua graduated Magna Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University (New Orleans). He received rabbinical ordination after studying at Tomchei Temimim Rabbinical Seminary (New York and Israel). He maintains continuing education activities in both areas.


Product/System Design

  • Innovative design engineering: Creativity, brainstorming, conceptual design.
  • Detailed mechanical/mechatronic/electro-mechanical design: CAD solid modeling, redesign of faulty components, specifications, attention to quality.
  • Redesigned component configuration in race car sensor system, meeting size-reduction target and improving thermal performance. Configuration went into production.
  • Conceptualized, designed, and prototyped consumer product on design team. Product was commercialized and retailed.

Budget Reduction and Schedule Shortening

  • Redesigned assembly in sensor system – 73% cost reduction, shorter lead time.
  • Developed test procedure to reduce costs and delays.
  • Resolved disruptions to supply chain. Directed technicians.

Technical Problem Solving and Analysis

  • Learns quickly. Committed to lifelong learning.
  • Gives attention to details yet maintains a long-term perspective. Double-checks calculations.
  • Troubleshot synchronization of GPS, data acquisition, and computer of sensor system.

Communication and Teamwork

  • Listens attentively and communicates precisely. Exposed to international cultures.
  • Effective both in teams and individually. Can-do attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Presented power company's CEO and Vice Presidents with a plan for 980 MW power station’s degraded makeup water pumps to increase flow rate to 17,900 GPM for a 15% power uprate.

Employment History

Independent Contractor, New York City

Created technology solutions, analyzed existing systems, and integrated systems.

Steele Technologies, Fairfax/Chantilly, VA

Designed and troubleshot a sensor system for recording vehicle's state, trajectory, GPS, audio, and video on race cars at a start-up company.

Recognition for outstanding work and cost reduction (company’s savings exceeded entire salary).

ANSER, Inc, Arlington, VA

Completed technical analyses for Mars mission planning, ICBM test analysis, and munitions analysis at a 500-employee research institute serving the DOD, NASA, and others.

Multiple recognitions for outstanding work.


BS Magna Cum Laude, Mechanical Engineering, Tulane Univ., New Orleans, LA

14 Honor Societies, Scholarships, and Awards: National Space Club’s Teague Scholarship, Distinguished Scholar’s Award (4-year university scholarship), Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Dean’s List (all semesters), Golden Key International Honor Society, Tulane Engineering and Computer Science Honor Society.

Product design course: Hands-on experience in a design team creating a consumer product. Learned techniques for understanding problems, brainstorming, and refining ideas.

Publications and Presentations

Presenter and Co-author, “Orbit Selection and Its Impact on Radiation Warning Architecture for a Human Mission to Mars,” NASA/IAA Man in Space Symposium, Washington, DC, June 1997.

Co-author, “The Solar Cycle and the Timing of a Manned Mission to Mars,” American Geophysical Union Meeting, Fall 1996.

"[Yehoshua Levine’s] work was always first class, and he got along very well with the eight of us... [He] will take the initiative to solve a problem, provide a service, or perform any other task you set him, and he will do it with both competence and grace." -Fred M.

"From the very start, [Yehoshua Levine] demonstrated superior skills and abilities. He was highly self motivated, a very quick learner, mission oriented, a good team member, and prudently thorough in his research and analysis... I highly recommend Yehoshua." -Bob S.

"Yehoshua [Levine] is a very pleasant fellow with a can-do attitude. He is a quick learner who likes a good challenge. I highly recommend him." -Elie P.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

NASA/IAA Man in Space Symposium

Tau Beta Pi,
The Engineering Honor Society

National Space Club
Olin E. Teague Memorial Scholar

Golden Key International Honour Society