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Levine Innovations LLC adds a unique touch to design and analysis. We take the time to gain a full understanding of our client's company, product and brand. Then, we apply that knowledge to every aspect of the project. We start with a big-picture view and use it as we give attention to every detail. We can take your project from the initial stages of developing requirements through CAD design, prototyping, testing and production.

Stakeholders usually have a lot of knowledge and expectations for their product. That wisdom is not written in the product specifications, but the product's success depends upon that insight. Levine Innovations LLC does not merely design to specification; we help you to refine and clarify your specifications. Do users need visual hints in the product? Could unanticipated uses of your product cause it to fail? Will material selection affect your sensors? We start each project by learning and understanding. And we love to listen.

Our one-on-one project management approach, joined with our ability to deliver tailored solutions, lowers the life-cycle costs for both you and your customers.

We are a Shomer Shabbos firm.

"[Yehoshua Levine’s] work was always first class, and he got along very well with the eight of us... [He] will take the initiative to solve a problem, provide a service, or perform any other task you set him, and he will do it with both competence and grace." -Fred M.

"From the very start, [Yehoshua Levine] demonstrated superior skills and abilities. He was highly self motivated, a very quick learner, mission oriented, a good team member, and prudently thorough in his research and analysis... I highly recommend Yehoshua." -Bob S.

"Yehoshua [Levine] is a very pleasant fellow with a can-do attitude. He is a quick learner who likes a good challenge. I highly recommend him." -Elie P.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

NASA/IAA Man in Space Symposium

Tau Beta Pi,
The Engineering Honor Society

National Space Club
Olin E. Teague Memorial Scholar

Golden Key International Honour Society